Winter Camp 2002 at Karoondinha

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Fri, Sat, Sun, Jan 25, 26, 27, 2002:
Images of 2002 Winter Camp at Karoondinha
Troop 205 is planning a winter camp in Ertel cabin (sleeping 18 total) at Camp Karoondinha ('land of shining waters'... Susquehanna Boy Scout Council's Scout camp) near Millmont, PA in south western Union County. Tentative plans are to meet at Ebenezer United Methodist Church on Friday, Jan 25, and depart for the camp at 6:30 PM. We are returning on Sunday, January 27, by about 12 noon.
(((Please note, these map links may not function; The webmaster was pressed for time and the ftp client and server were not cooperating! Maps and permission slips were snail-mailed!)))
Map to Karoondinha
Map of Karoondinha
A tentative menu is planned and Scout skills activities (fire building, knife & ax use and care, first aid, cold weather care and camping, and more)... are planned. In addition, we will go ice fishing and possibly skating on the lake, providing we have safe ice. Pack 206 Webelos IIs are invited. The hope is that these Webelos will provide added dynamics for the weekend (Older boys teaching younger boys skills.) See details below!
Although we are staying in a heated cabin, there will be much outdoor time, so it is very important to bring warm clothes, long underwear, gloves (more than one pair), hats, and snow boots, warm wool socks, and at least one full change of clothes. Kane has ice fishing rigs, but everyone should rent or borrow or whatever... ice skates if you can (Wildware may rent them... I am checking.) And as usual, no electronic games, radios, CD players, will be permitted.

BSA rules require us to have enough adults per boys, and as Webelos attend with us this weekend, at least two (depending on the number of boys) Webelos moms and/or dads should plan to be there.

The cost will be $20 for the weekend per person; parental permission slips are required, as usual, and are distributed before the event.

Things to bring and wear
(For additional guidelines & ideas, see current Scout Handbook, pages 204, 224, and 225.)
Boy Scout Handbook
Pen/pencil and paper/notebook
Mess kit (with cup, fork, knife, spoon, bowel, plate)
Personal toiletry items (toothbrush & toothpaste, soap, etc)
Towel & washcloth (Of course, perhaps these won't be used a lot.)
Snow-suit (especially good for windy and blustery cold weather)
Long underwear (May be too hot with the snowsuit.)
Gloves (more than one pair)
A few pairs of wool socks
One full change of clothes
Sleeping bag & pillow (put them in plastic garbage bags to keep them clean and dry)

Tentative menu
-cracker-barrel: crackers, pepperoni, cheese, soda, Capri Sun
-breakfast: eggs, bacon, cold cereal, Sunny-D, milk, bread (for toast)
-lunch: grilled cheese & ham, chicken noodle soup, lemonade, ice tea (raspberry & regular)
-supper: Lasagna, salad (with a bottle of Vidalia onion vinaigrette dressing), garlic bread sticks, milk (all from SAM's club is what I had in mind... I thought two large trays of frozen pre-made Lasagna, with ground beef or sausage, is good and very easy to just pop in the oven and cook.)
cracker-barrel: Smores (ingredients for), hot chocolate & hot apple cider
-breakfast: donuts (glazed, chocolate & vanilla frosted, glazed French curlers), cold cereal, milk, Sunny-D, beagles

Tentative Activities & Program Schedule
Scavenger hunt (throughout the whole weekend)
Friday 8:30PM Meeting (introductions, rules, organize)
9PM Cracker-barrel
11PM Lights out
Saturday 7AM- Wake up & cooks start breakfast
7:30 Flag-raising & announcement
7:45 Eat breakfast
8:15 to 9:30 Clean up and set up stations.
9:30 to 10:30 Knife, axe and saw use and safety
10:30 to 12:30PM Orienteering/map & compass and trust game
12:30PM to 2 Lunch and cleanup
2 to 3 Fire building and contest
3 to 5 Ice fishing/ instruction & demo
5 to 7 Supper (cook and cleanup)
7 to 9 Inside demo/ game/ skits
9PM Cracker-barrel
11PM Lights out
Sunday 7AM Wake up & cooks start breakfast
7:30 Flag-raising & announcements
7:45 Eat breakfast
8:15 Chapel service
8:30 to 9:30 Clean up and pack up
10 AM Closing & go home

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