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Seven Mountains Summer Camp for 2001

Summer Camp 2001 at Seven Mountains is near State College, PA from Sunday, July 8 through Saturday, July 14, 2001.

Images...if anyone has others that they want posted (negative, print or digital form), please contact the webmaster.

Unless an adult breaks a leg, falls off a roof, or just plain chickens out, here is the tentative adult coverage schedule.

Check out these Pre-summer Camp Meeting Notes ...conveyed to us by Jeff Ritter, the Camp Master for Seven Mountains this summer. It includes an up-to-date list of merit badge offerings.

Map of Seven Mountains Scout Camp This is downloadable and very clear. (You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it.)

Seven Mountains Camp website Includes regional maps to locate the camp. (Note: unless I missed something the VRML tour does not work,yet.)

Directions to Seven Mountains Camp

Things for parents and boys to consider and get done prior to camp are:
1. Please give Vivian... ASAP...payable to "Boy Scout Troop 205"... the cost, excluding supplies and personal items, of $155 per boy per week. (This $155 per boy is for our eight confirmed boys; and any additional boy must pay $165 since this is what the camp is charging us.)
2. Parental coverage... the Troop must have two adults just to be there at all times.... so please help out as much as you can. It is a chance to help your son and the Troop, as well as possibly have some fun yourself!!! (Dave has the schedule.)
3. Updated Class 1 (medical history completed and signed by parents) and Class 3 (medical exam completed and signed by the doc) Medical Forms.
4. What your boy wants to accomplish at summer camp: his activity and advancement program. (We have been discussing this in our meetings, and the new Scouts will be in the new Scout program and may work on a merit badge.)
5. And what merit badge books will he need? (Dave bought some at the Scout shop, but it is not too late to get some prior to camp.)
6. What to pack. (Refer to the Scout Handbook and ask the experienced Scouts and Scouters.)
7. How your boy will get to and from camp? (We will meet at the Ebenezer Church at 1pm on Sunday, July 8, typically we caravan up Route 322 toward State College, PA.)
8. Whether you will be visiting the camp on 'family night,' Wednesday night... chicken barbecue at 6pm (cost of $6.00) and campfire with Native American ceremonial Order-of-the-Arrow tap-out afterwards.

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