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And congratulations to all of our boys for their involvement and advancement this past year !

Friday, November 6 to Sunday, November 8, 2009
Wilderness Survival weekend at Hidden Valley summer camp
-The Army is sponsored and ran this event.
-It was an opportunity for the boys to earn Wilderness Survival merit badge... and truly learn and test their Scout skills.
-This was a structured and very organized outing.
-The Troop camped in tents at Susquehannock campsite, and boys doing the badge built their shelters and slept in them over Saturday night.
Images of Wilderness Survival Camp

Sat, October 13, 2007:
C & O Canal Towpath 50 mile Cycling
Images of C & O Canal Cycling
Troop 205 Scouts, Dayne, Logan, and Evrett complete their requirments to earn the Cycling merit badge with this bike trip.
Starting point was west for 4.5 miles past Lock 58 from FiveCreekMiles Aqueduct then east to the midpoint at Hancock to the endpoint at Williamsport.

Sun, July 18 to Sat, July 22, 2006:
Hidden Valley Summer Camp
Images of Hidden Valley 07-2006 Summer Camp
Troop 205 had the priviledge to host the provisional Troop. Alan, Keith, and Ralph (a camp commissioner for the week and adult leader in Capital Area Council) all kept things moving smoothly for the Troop.

-From end of May 2005 to Saturday, November 26, 2005
Completed all required bike trips for Cycling merit badge, except the 50-miler. This was a merit badge that all expressed an interest in getting. (total of five of 10 to 30 miles in distance each)… as a group:
Pictures posted soon!
Conewago & Lebanon Valley Trails, 20 miles for some, 25 miles for Dayne & Keith
Stony Creek Trail, 30 miles
Cumberland Valley Trail, 25 miles
Iron Horse Trail, 20 miles
Capital Area Greenbelt Trail, 22 miles

-September 2005
Rocket launching on a Cumberland County farm.

-Throughout the summer as part of Cycling merit badge
Bike maintenance and repair seminars at Wildware.

-June 26 to July 2
A very productive week at summer camp in Hidden Valley.
Pictures will be posted soon!

-May 2005
Campfire at Ebenezer Church.

-September 2004 & April 2005
John's Eagle project pictures (taken at the Historical Society in Middletown)in September, 2004, plus a couple of images the night of his Eagle Board of Review in Arpil 2005:
John's Eagle Project and Eagle Board of Review

-March 2005
Scouting for Food.

-February 2005
District Klondike, camping in tents outdoors, in Lebanon County
…for many Troops this is too rugged too attend, but in spite of the seared reaost beef and charred raw apple cake we did well!

-Friday, Saturday, Sunday, January 21, 22, 23, 2005
Winter Camp at Hidden Valley
The weekend was a success and everyone had fun, despite us not getting snowed in.
Images will be linked here soon!
Friday and Saturday evening Cracker Barrel (snacks): cheeses, mini-hot dogs, Tostitos, salsa & sour cream dip, cokes, milk, hot chocolate, hot apple cider, pepperoni
Saturday breakfast: eggs and bacon, (possibly omlets with onions, pepper, mushrooms), Tropocana OJ, milk, hot chocolate, hot cider
Saturday lunch: grilled cheese (ham extra), soda, milk, tomato soup
Saturday supper: salad, beef stew (potatoes, pearl onions, carrots, flour, beef broth, celery)
Breakfast on Sunday: pancakes, sausage, milk, OJ, hot chocolate, cereal
Slime cake cooking demonstration, Saturday evening (Dayne)
Knife and axe, Saturday morning (Evrett)
Firebuilding, Satuday morning (Logan)
Map & compass, Saturday afternoon (Brandon)
Orienteering hike, Saturday afternoon (all, but Brandon organized it and layed it all out)
GPS treasure hunt- The one GPS we had there was not functioning and the other we were counting on didn't show, so this was cancelled.
Some chess was played; we watched an outdoor survival movie; and the guys were challenged to a games of 'Capture the Flag' by another Troop (Saturday evening)

Sun, July 25 to Sat, July 31, 2004:
Seven Mountains Summer Camp
Evrett, Dayne, Logan, and Tim braved the rain this week. Special thanks to Alan (Evrett's and Logan's dad), Alan (Tim's dad), Ben, Joel, Todd, and Keith for helping as adults for the week.

Sat, May 8, 2004:
Appalachian Trail Hike
Images of Appalachian Trail Hike: From PA Rt 325 at Clark's Valley across Sharp Mountain to Indiantown Gap
St Anthony's Wilderness... compiled by J.W.Via
Evrett, Dayne, Ashton, Logan, Don, Alan, Keith, and two Golden Retievers enjoyed this hike! The trail goes through a most scenic and historical area of St Anthony's Wilderness north of Harrisburg.

Sun, June 8, 2003:
Appalachian Trail Hike
Images of Appalchian Trail Hike: Pine Grove Furnace to PA Rt 34
Gabe, Evrett, Bob, Bryan, Dayne, Ben, and Keith enjoyed this hike! About one-quarter of the trail was very wet with the Spring/ early summer run-off from the mountains. Altogether, it was about 9 miles long, starting at Pine Grove Furnace State Park and ending at PA Rt 34... in Cumberland County.

Sat, March 22, 2003:
Images of Scouting-for-Food
Thanks to Bill and Bob Hinchcliffe, Gabe, Justin, John, and Bryan (plus Ben, Bill Hinchcliffe (dad), and Mary Ann Pitek)... for helping put hangers out for Scouting-for-Food on Saturday, March 15! We covered Old Reliance, LongView Acres, and 12 Oaks neighborhoods. (Brandon Bower got Farmhouse Lane and Heritage Square on his own, later in the week; thanks Brandon!)
The linked pictures show the pick-up crew (680 items collected and taken to the Food Bank) on Saturday, March 22, 2003. Evrett (and brother), John, Brandon, Bob, Bill, Gabe, Justin, Ben, Kane, Mary Ann, Allan, Keith, and Vivian contributed an hour of their time this day to help pick-up!
Although, not a record for food items collected for the Troop, it seemed a record for the amount of help!

Sun, November 10, 2002:
Appalachian Trail Hike
Images & details of Appalachian Trail Hike
Evrett, Bryan, Brandon, Bob, Gabe, Ben, Keith, and Bill hiked 10 miles from Duncannon, PA near Clarks Ferry bridge on the Susquehanna River to PA Rt. 850 in Perry County. The day was alittle overcast but pleasant. We all found that first climb a challenge!

Sun, June 30 to Sat, July 6, 2002:
Summer Camp 2002 at Hidden Valley Scout Camp
Images & details of Summer Camp 2002
This summer camp was hot, hot, hot! We shared Susquehannock Site with Troop 88 form Lake Meade near Gettysburg, PA. Special thanks to Charlie for helping make the time much more memorable! Also, thanks to all the parents who were able to go up for a day or two or three, despite losing a core of 5 guys and parents this year!

Sat & Sun, Feb 23, 24, 2002:
District Klondike 2002 at Pinchot State Park
Images & details of Klondike_2002
This activity is a follow-up to the winter camping in a cabin that the Troop experienced at Karoondinha.
It involves pitching tents, camping, and sledding, hopefully in the snow.
The purpose is to further develop cool weather skills and general Scouting skills while in cold weather.
It is a Union Canal District event and will take place at Pinchot State Park.
During our District Roundtable meetings Tom Minchin has been facilitating the Senior Patrol leaders of the District Troops to plan for this outing. Plus, this month, our Troop will make plans and do some cold weather camping training.

Fri, Sat, Sun, Jan 25, 26, 27, 2002:
Winter Camp 2002 at Camp Karoondinha
Images & details of 2002 Winter Camp at Karoondinha
Troop 205 is planning a winter camp in Ertel cabin (sleeping 18 total) at Camp Karoondinha ('land of shining waters'... Susquehanna Boy Scout Council's Scout camp) near Millmont, PA in south western Union County. Tentative plans are to meet at Ebenezer United Methodist Church on Friday, Jan 25, and depart for the camp at 6:30 PM. We are returning on Sunday, January 27, by about 12 noon.

Sat, Jan 5, 2002:
Joel's Eagle Court-of-Honor ceremony… at Centenal United Methodist Church in Oberlin.
Images of Joel's Eagle Court of Honor

July 8 to July, 14, 2001: 
Summer Camp at Seven Mountains Scout Camp near State College:
Congratulations to all of the summer camp survivors! Brandon and Bobby for being our Troop's Ironmen; to Billy and Donovan for being tapped out for the Order-of-the-Arrow; to our other Brandon for surviving well his first summer camp as a Scout; to both patrols and Troop for earning Honor Patrol and Honor Troop awards...Billy showed lots of effort here!; to all the boys for their spirit, teamwork and for working hard all week; and especially to parents for helping out!!!
Images and pre-camp info is here.

May 5,6,7, 2000: 
Space Camp 2000 at Hidden Valley:
A Star Trek club was dressed as Klingons, etc. Rockets, including high altitude ones (2 to 5 miles up) rockets courtesy of Penn State University were fired. And there were NASA displays at the firehouse in Landisburg. The basketball court was the surface of Mars, and the boys were able to use remote controlled vehicles with cameras and monitors explored the surface of Mars. And more! Thanks to all parents who pitched in to help this weekend... we truly proved what a positive attitude and fortitude can do! In Dave's words, "this was the best camporee ever..." Because of Troop 205's efforts, our space station placed 1st in the District and 2nd in the Council!
Images of Space Camp 2000, at Hidden Valley, May 4, 5, 6, 2000
The pictures speak for themselves!

Saturday, April 22, at 1:45 P.M.: Donovan and Bobby participated in the dedication of the Lower Swatara Township building re-modeling... with the Girl Scouts and Township officials. There was a small ceremony with a flag raising... the knot at the top of the rope gave us some trouble but we switched the flag around and finally got it raised up. Not only did the boys learn about and fulfil some civic responsibility to their community, they earned credit toward service project and rank requirements. Bobby and Donovan also had a face-to-face meeting with our State Senator Jeff Piccola. (Pictures will be posted as soon as we have them developed; the boys got their names in the program; and the Press and Journal photographer said that pictures should be in next week's or the week's after town paper.)  
Images of Lower Swatara Township building dedication
Images are not available, yet.

April 1 & 2 (Saturday and Sunday), 2000: 
Camp Karoondinha ('land of shiningwaters'... Susquehanna Council's Scout camp) near Millmont, PA in south western Union County: Even though we really did not have the time to really stop and smell the roses too much (short weekend), the camp is nestled in the mountains of PA... and the scenery is great! The lake was especially cool... and the stars last night made for great star gazing. The leaders of the camp were very hospitable.... even doing a chapel service for us this morning at 9 AM. Congratulations to the Indian patrol for winning the scavenger hunt, even though they did not find a live skunk (worth 600 points)! This camp may be worth considering for an summer camp.. or def another weekend outing. The drive to the camp was scenic and fun!
Images of Camp Karoondinha
Here are the few we took in the short time we were there. It is a camp worth going back to and spending more time.

March 25 (Saturday), 2000: 
Everyone pitched in (including adults Dave, Keith, Gary, MaryAnn, Dennis, and Bill) and collected 689 food items in Old Reliance, LongView Acres, Twelve Oaks, and RiverView. Special thanks to Bill, Sr. for providing the company van and coordinating the boxing, counting, and delivery to the Central Penn Food bank.
Images of Scouting-for-Food, March 25, 2000
Lots of help!

January 22 & 23 (Saturday and Sunday), 2000: 
Winter Klondike 2000 at Jednota:
Complements to the adults: Bill, Kane, and Keith... for giving up their warm houses for the weekend. And special congratulations to Justin, Billy, and Bobby for surviving the overnight (The temp was in the low teens... we think.). Dave, Joel, John made it for the sled race on Sunday even though they had other activity conflicts. Also, Billy, John, Justin, and Bobby brushed up on some of their Scout skills by attending some of the District sponsored stations. The taste of hot French toast with a touch of cinnamon made Sunday breakfast very good... and especially nice was the roaring campfire back near the edge of the woods on Saturday night!
Images of Klondike 2000 at Jednota
We survived!

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